Getting ready!

Come join us!

We’re Bill and Sandy Brinker and we are starting out on a new and exciting time in our lives. I worked as a graphic artist for about 34 years. I really did think I would work there until I just dropped over dead. But things started to change this year and I wasn’t sure if it was me or work. I just realized that “this” was not the way I wanted to leave this world, aggravated!

So Sandy and I sat down and talked about what we wanted to do. I talked about RVing, but Sandy was not on board. She collected Hummingbird stuff and had other things that just was out of the question to get rid of. As we continued to talk she started to come around to the idea. I told her to find RV parks in Florida and she started getting excited about spending sometime around the Gulf, in the sun and on the sand.

And now we don’t have any bedroom furniture, dining room furniture or office furniture. We have spent a lot on things for the RV and the F250 to be ready when we hit the road, but so far it’s been both scary and exciting to see it coming together. 

So if you want to join us come back often to see what is happening and maybe, just maybe you may want to do this yourselves and meet up with us out on the road. Don’t let boredom kill you, get out and live your life.