• How much longer

    It seems like time is just creeping along when you want to go. We get up every morning and I ask Sandy, “Are we retired yet?” Her answer is the same every day, “Not yet!”. We are not sure of what is going to happen once we are out on the road full time, but we know this, the excitement is building every time we move some of our stuff into the travel trailer. We are still trying to sell as much as we can and still haven’t put our house up for sale yet. Every room needs attention. The garage is a mess and is overwhelming to have to sort through. How much junk can two people accumulate over 39 years, really!!!

    When we first moved into this house we had just enough furniture to fill three rooms. Now it seems odd to start selling, cheaply I might add, everything we thought was so important to make us happy. For instance, we needed a riding lawnmower to make it easier and faster to cut the grass, but than I changing the oil, fighting with the keeping the tires aired up and having tubes put in them. Fighting with keep it charged after a long winter, only to have to buy a new battery.

    It seemed everything started becoming a hassle and a never ending cycle of things to do.

    I know that RVing has it challenges also. Maintenance is a very big part of RVing. So I’m not in away fooling myself into thinking that this will not have it’s challenges, but I am handy, thanks to my friend Mark Davis, who taught me so much about home maintenance. We built 4 homes together. I am blessed to have had him as a friend.

    So we will keep on down sizing until sometime next year, maybe, before we hit the road. The house must sell first so we can pay it off and the RV. We will still have payments on Grey Cloud, which is our 2014 Ford F-250, but hopefully we will be out of debt.

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  • Wdex says:Reply
    December 31, 2018 at 3:13 AM

    Hi, Bill, I will help you with that garage mess if you let me have some of it! love you, Brother! -Wilson.